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  • 29th March, 2017

Dance Classes South Delhi Course Fees & Time Duration | Reviews

On my small trip to South Delhi, I met an old, close friend. She was study in Essex Univ, in UK and then went back to South Delhi looking for a job. Strangely sufficient, we saw each other driving. She recognised me and contact me on Facebook. Small world eh?

Best Dance Classes South Delhi

Anyway, we met and were discuss what kind of businesses can be started in Delhi – businesses that’ll involve providing a service, not a product. She told me about study she had done on things like Aerobics classes, starting a Gym or may be Yoga and Pilates classes. Since in her survey of her area she didn’t get a very optimistic response, she was looking for more ideas. I optional looking into the Spa market as some new Spas open in Vasant Kunj and Moti Bagh are doing business of upto 1.5 lakh rupees a day (thats about 3000 US Dollars a day). Was a good lunch gathering, she went off with the idea and deduction what? She has indeed determined to start a Gym in Dwarka. Way to go!

So anyway, since I was in South Delhi and was actively looking to obtain new skills, I thought possibly yoga or dancing would be interesting to study. Especially with Slumdog Millionaire doing so well, there’s more Indian music and the require to know Indian dance. I started my little research for dance classes in South Delhi, Course Crown Institute in Shastri Nagar Delhi and dancing in South Delhi in general. I found a couple of good chains like Neha and Kashish Dubey but none close to where I live. Actually there was one dance class close to where I live, but it for 15 to 19 year olds – in other words “dance classes” not good for me.

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Schedule+FREE and Discounts Time Table

Classes schedule for the dance forms (Days and Times Updated Regularly):

Course Crown Schedule for practice planning

Fees for CCD Classes

All weekend and weekday batches( 2 hours per week)

Fee for Aerobics Classes (3 hours every week)

Monthly – RS 25000

Quarterly – 5000(saving of rs 1500)

Choose Your Style

  • Aerobics Workout
  • Bollywood Dance
  • B Boying and Breaking
  • Carbon Plus – Professional Dance Training in Delhi
  • Belly Dancing
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance Classes for Children
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Jazz Classes in Delhi
  • Power Yoga Workout
  • Zumba Workout
  • Salsa Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Yoga Classes in Gurgaon – Sector 50

I also wanted to recognize what kinds of dances are taught in South Delhi. On asking some neighbourhood ladies I found hip-hop dance classes, salsa dance classes, western dance classes (duh!), belly dance classes, bollywood dance classes etc amongst the ones people are interested in. Not too keen to study hip-hop or salsa, but more inclines toward bhangra or modern Indian dance, I kept probing. That’s when I came across Course Crown Institute. You won’t believe this – they give hopping, locking (with nunchucks, sticks), hip-hop, Indian classical, salsa lessons – you name it. But locking, popping with nunchucks? I was thrilled. I went ahead and met these youthful guys who’ve participated in a local Indian TV program called “Boogie Woogie” ???? Was fun to get together them and I went ahead for some trial classes.

Since my stay in India wasn’t long sufficient, I couldn’t really complete a lesson, but had great fun knowledge these cool dance moves. Still can’t dance like Michael Jackson, but I’m sure I have improved.

If  dance classes South Delhi Reviews is what you’re looking for, then go contain a look at their website and enroll manually for some trial classes in their South Delhi dance classes centre. Happy Dancing, Enjoy !!

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