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  • 21st October, 2016

Best Animated TV Series in India

In the earlier period few years India has shown an exceptional growth in the creation of animated sequence. Animation has a very strong stir in the state at present. Out of all the animated series shaped both in 2D and 3D , these are the top 5 Points Below.

Vikram aur Betaal

Vikram Aur Betaal was a television programme that air on DD National. The series restricted stories from Indian myths that aim at teaching kids life education while entertaining them. The concept of the agenda was based on Baital Pachisi, a collection of tales concerning the legendary King Vikra and the Vaitaala, a ghost similar to a vampire in Western literature. Betaal was the phantom who was designed in such a way that it stayed on the back of king Vikram all the time. The drawing has been made in both 3D and 2D. The amazing visualization of these fictional font in 3D form has created a huge fan base for all the people.


Roll no. 21

This cartoon sequence is one of the top series viewed by the Indian spectators. The cartoon series is previewed both in Hindi and English. We need to recognize the fact that this series would be not anything without the 2d animation training institute labors put in the series. The show is view in terms of episode after episode and each episode has a new scoundrel prepared which shows the originality of the animator and the diverse skills obsessed by the animation team. Indian animation industry has forever produced strange results, this show just stand the wonderful example.


Pakdam Pakdai

Pakdam Pakdai is another animated series shaped for the entertainment of the kids. An interesting point regarding this cartoon is that it’s characters are well appreciated by the people and before appreciating the demonstrate people are often seen appreciate the animated font of the show. It has all been likely because of the animation efforts inculcated in the creation of the characters.


Chota Bheem

Chota Bheem is a cartoon series obtainable on Cartoon Network channel and is at present the most viewed show in the country. This show shows a variety of characters and due to the designing of a wide range of font by the animators it is loved by the spectators. People often tend to get bored by considering the same over and over but it doesn’t occur in this show. In this show we see a range of many font which are no doubt designed in a very expert manner.


Mighty Raju

Mighty Raju is another much-loved series that falls under this group. This show is well loved as it opens a world of journey and enthusiasm to it’s audience. The people are smiling by the audio and visual belongings portrayed in the film. The way in which the character and all it’s actions are intended by the animation team, it has left all of us spellbound. Adding to that this show has some outstanding animation touches creation it one of the best in the list.


The rise of these astonishing animation works has been likely mainly due to the development of the technologies. Many institutes have approach up, which offers Maac 3D animation courses in Pitampura. One thing is for certain that the level of animation will only get better.

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