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  • 19th January, 2017

Best Android Development Training in Delhi

Mobile devices across the world numbering in more than a million are life form powered by the this operating system. With constant development to the system and innovative skin being introduced every now and then, this mobile OS is definite to live in a significant position in the market over the coming years. Android Development Training in Delhi has turned out to be the hot preferred among those who wish to make their careers as app developers.

Android and Its dissimilar Versions

Android happen to be a Linux based mobile operating scheme which supports smartphones as well as tablet computers. More than 80+ leading companies like Samsung, Sony the length of with various Google led software companies are accountable for creating the standards for different mobile plans that use Android.

So, far several versions have been free which include: Éclair, Donut. Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop.


So, What make Android a Big Favorite?

There are abundance of reasons as to why Android has befall so much popular in such a short span of time. Some of the reason have been discuss below:

Available for Free

Right from its beginning, Android has been available for free and it is predictable that Google will keep it that way in the prospect also. The availability of this free mobile operating system involved hardware manufacturers all around the world as it open up new opportunities to expand Smartphones at low costs.

Open Source Platform

Another reason after its huge acceptance is that, it is an open source stage. Compared to other operating systems that are jump by numerous copyrights, laws, Android face no such restrictions. As a result of that, an active society of programmers is continually adding more value and innovation to enhance its features and functionalities.

Anybody can Create Their App

The best part about developing application with it is that it doesn’t need exceptional coding skills. Package of tools are provide by Google which can be used for free for rising applications. Developers get the much desired freedom and flexibility to do everything with the apps they expand.

Common Users find it Extremely Easy to Use

From the start it has been targeted towards common users. Users always wish to have the maximum features that are available at a low price. Android has made it probable for people of different classes to use a Smartphone and discover its possibilities. This is one of the main reasons why Android’s market share is very high as compare to other in use systems.

Wrapping Up

It is a fact that, user experience has been taken to a whole new level with this OS. With millions of plans running on Android being activated on a every day basis, it has still a long road to travel. An Android Development Certification is what one must aim for in order to be a part of this thrilling world of app development.

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