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Most Advanced Mobile Repairing and Troubleshooting Course in Delhi


Looking for Career in Mobile Repairing?

Mobile Repairing is an interesting career option for those who are looking for Job and business opportunities. Today, when everyone prefers to have a Smartphone in their pocket, and every day new companies launching its Smartphone, the need of mobile specialist is increasing respectively. The best part of Mobile repairing course is that it does not need any higher qualification or technical background. One who wants success in this field, he has to start a short-term mobile servicing course.

Once you complete your course, you can work in a service center and gain experience in this field. You can also start your own mobile repairing business, after gaining experience.

Join the Most Advanced Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

We are offering a certification program in mobile repairing, whether you are an Army retired personal, student or working professional you can join this program and become a certified mobile Specialist in just 3 -5 month of training.

Why Learn Mobile Repairing?

Today there is a flood of new mobile phones in the market.  Mobile can be seen in the hands of everyone. Even if they are cheap, this has led to the demand for mobile repairers, especially there is a huge shortage of mobile engineer who can repair the costly mobile phones because it requires special training.

There are several mobile repairing institutes in the country where you can pursue a mobile repair by doing a short term course. After getting training, anyone can master the repair of expensive handsets with great confidence and earn good money.

Training Highlights –

  • Get training from the industry experts
  • Flexible Batches
  • Job Assistance
  • Live training
  • Classes in both Hindi and English

Mobile Repairing Course Syllabus-

We have divided our mobile repairing course into 3 categories, once you complete these modules, you can work as a technician.

  • Electronics Theory + Practical
  • Mobile Theory
  • Mobile practical + software

Special Insights –

Mobile repairing course is offering an earning option in low cost but before enrolling in this course, here are some special insights which can help you to take your decision.

1 – Mobile Repairing needs special Training –

Without training, the expertise on Mobile Repairing cannot be achieved without proper training. Usually, there are problems related to display, touch screen, keypad, charging, joystick, mic, speaker, camera, power switch, network, Bluetooth in mobile.

In this case, basic handsets repairers will be easily available, but people have to worry about getting expensive and branded mobile repairs. It is extremely important to take training for repair of branded mobile phones.

2 – Knowledge of Mobile is Essential –

A skilled mobile repairing specialist should have complete knowledge about mobile, it is important to be aware of all parts of the phone. For this, you will need to know basic components, which means mobile parts are used in the motherboard or circuits of mobile.

To fix branded mobile or any cheap-expensive mobile, it is extremely important to understand the basic components of mobile such as Register, Controller, Fuse, Mike identification and its working system.

3 – Keep a close eye on Market Change –

The technology of mobile phone is changing rapidly. Every day new software and features are coming up. Especially big companies are bringing some new features with every new mobile. Keep yourself updated with these features that change every day and techniques. Mobile operating systems are also changing quite fast.

Most smartphones have Android operating systems. While in some others such as Apple in Apple, Microsoft in Windows and BlackBerry OS 10 operating systems. The first was Android 2.0 but now there have been many versions of Lollipop, Kit Kat, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and latest Nought.

4 – Understanding of brands is necessary –

Generally, Smartphone OS has a display, touch screen, 3G, 4G, Double Sim, HD display, RAM, GPS navigation, screen resolution, activity tracking, processor, camera megapixels, the same are features like power backup etc. But features in branded mobile is somewhat different from each other, such as a mobile operating system Android 2.0, then in somebody Lollipop or Kit Kat. Some features are very similar to each other. In such a case, if all the features and their methodology are understood closely, then it becomes easy to repair, service and troubleshoot them.

India has the largest mobile user base in all over the world and there are more than 2 million mobile repairing engineers in next 3 years, It is the best time to learn mobile repairing, Don’t Wait, Join Now.

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